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infaCORE CMS/CRM systems

infaCORE™ is a web based Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Bulk eMailer System in a single, cross-platform, browser compatible, web based system that allows your entire team to work independently on intranets, extranets, site content, promotional sites and online advertising campaigns without your IT department having to load special add-ons or plugins.

With the infaCORE™ Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) combination you'll be able to deploy your next Intranet, Extranet, ECommerce Business Site or online creative in minutes instead of days.

  • 24 hour support 7 days a week (24/7 Support)
  • Toll Free: (888) 341-3707
  • Email: support at thornedigital dot com

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